mandag den 17. august 2015

lørdag den 8. august 2015


If I heal myself, I heal others.
If we heal each other, peace will prevail on earth.
These fears will loose their grasp on me if I stay authentic and non-attached to them.
These fears will not define me and prevent me from carrying out my beautiful mission during this life.
They are my lessons and my medicine. And I thank them.
So here, with the gift of ayahuasca.
I start with healing my wounds so that I might support other brothers and sisters in doing the same.

Thank you. 

fredag den 31. juli 2015

A powerful day...

Here am I. Feeling the blue full moon in Aquarius going on currently. Twisted my ancle. Impulsed into a deep reflection about life, spirituality, global matters, intergalactic matters and new visions and a drive to share my truth stirred by the force of the planet Uranus... Feeling serious and my heart is spilling over by what is going on, on our gorgeous earth. 
I've watched a great documentary today. It was called "love, reality and time of transition". Please watch it, if you feel called. It cracked me open, and tears was flowing from a wounded child inside me, who wants us all to drop all the illusions and just love one another beyond all created games of fear and hurt.
I am so grateful to be in a space where people have an interest in these subjects, but I'm saddened by how little it is brought up in daily life. In this place where I currently live and work as a volunteer, a course/retreat center and festival place with spiritual values. Where we talk a lot about oneness and do spiritual practises like yoga, tantra, meditation and various kinds of self-healing. There is a huge focus on the personal process of the individual, and the emphasis on the good of the global family seams to be seconded to the spiritual journey of the individual. I'm not saying that being occupied with your own spiritual journey is wrong, but that to loose track of the bigger picture, the greater impact of our collective focus, is destructive. A good dose of objectivety is needed for us not to loose ourselves in our egoic view from where we experience these bodies in everyday life.

Right now a child is dying of hunger, the earth is screaming, and complex schemes to disempower humans is being carried out on a planetary scale. This is our freedom... Personal freedom... To be, live, love and create. It's all being more and more compromised. Through the course of history humans have been falling... Our natural trust that we are one has been forgotten... The tribes of knowledge and love have been razed over and over again by fear/power driven forces.

I do all I can to remember... Every day I have to rediscover this. We are one being.

Without dwelling on the facts that human unity is in time of tough trial, I'm gently pushed to realise the consequence of our created reality and how to participate more in the tasks at hand. Like sharing the information and stirring up the hearts of the people around me. Not to feel powerless and to hide myself in feel-good spirituality. Not to be afraid of confrontation about uncomfortable subjects and cultural wounds, and the conditionings of myself and my brothers and sisters. Everything will sort itself out - if we sort it out! The best weapon is knowledge. The more the masses become educated on the nature of their societies and the motives of their governments, co-operations, global power structures, the better. For so long I have been avoiding politics out of selfishness. Because I do not want to feel the part of me that feels slightly destroyed and responsible every time I watch the news or read about the current state of affairs going on in my global family. But I can truly never be separated from what is going on. Not even if I close my eyes and ears and heart... I am here to bring in the light. I know this in my gut. So are you! You, reading this.

These events are deeply connected to the global Heartfield of any being incarnated now. Look to the animal kingdom! They are checking out one by one because it's to painful to stay in this human-mess. We as humans have a responsibility to restore balance of our hearts. Let's start by accepting that the state of the earth's biology is caused by human ignorance, and by power structures that is beyond my comprehension right now. I'm not talking about going to vote... That's just entertainment for the masses to make us believe we have a say in what happens. I'm talking about awakening to our true nature... Creating a true and natural authority within, from where we are able to make mature desicions based upon, and rooted in a deep love of the human family.  I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, telling you that you're wrong for leading your life in a certain way.
I'm merely shaking in my core for having been sleeping so long myself. Resting in a narcissistic reality, that revolved around my own wellbeing and spiritual advancement.
I will never be separated from you or anyone else. But I have not truly understood what that meant until recently.
I want to create healing space where we can meet as a family and live together in a way that is not hurting our mother earth. To the best of my ability I want to live what I preach. And I wish to stay present and educate myself on how to contribute to a more loving, unified humanity. 
This will be the final words for today. I will go out now and be in silence. Praying within for guidance and for my heart to open even more to the inspiration that will make me take better desicions for our planet. 

It feels more safe to share like this than to make a video. I attempted to film myself and talk about this, but I'm still very much controlled by a fear of being seen and being vulnerable in front of  others/you. Even though you are me in essense... Lol

...Thank you, I love you and I bless us all.
- really... Go watch that documentary.

A great documentary.

Housing inspiration

onsdag den 29. juli 2015

Pyrenees - Spain

Today during a women's circle, the space-holder Mahima came over to me when the circle gathering was finished and me with 2 other girls where lying in each others arms cuddling, after intense crying and healing.
She said how I reminded her of when she was driving through the Pyrenees and the rocks where shaped like a woman with her arms wide open, hair spread out... boobs :-) This stayed with me...

Now, the day before this happend, me and my friend had been talking about a location for a community. Ideally. And the Pyrenees came up. She talked about how she recieved her new name in a ritual there, and how it was a powerfully charged place.

For 2 years I have been called to do the Camino de Santiago.
This will be my first hands on experience with the soil and spirit of the Pyrenees. I'm looking forward to greeting her-him.

I'm wondering if the universe is pinpointing me.

It sure is beautiful piece of earth. Googling pictures. I might put some up - later.

Community inspiration!

photo nr. 1:
Picture from a rainbow gathering. found on google.

photo nr. 2:
Photo of me,  15 years old, infront of a bonfire, 6 years ago in 2009. 
Here I was living/studying at an independent innermission-christian boarding-school in denmark " Söndbjerg Efterskole" ( Soendbjerg Afterschool - directly translated). It was a HUGE blessing and very challenge to be in a dogmatic religious environment. I got closer to spirit, and closer to my own personal truth about life, spirituality, ritual, sexuality. Here bible readings and prayer was a daily routine. Every morning for an hour we listened to the word of the new testament. 
This was a place of deep reflection for me. Existential crisis (like the age might also imply) The picture is a great representation of that year of my life.
I found a tremendous silence and peace in that place. Closing out the voices of others wanting me to believe their truths. Learning about empathy and listening to other people's lifeshaping ideas about what reality is, and how life is supposed to be lived. A deep practise in rebellion, tolerance and allowance of other brothers and sisters diversity. 

photo nr. 5:
One of my favorite artists Sowa made this painting.
I have the association of Noah's ark.
Sailing the seas of the storm, this intense transition and integration of spirit into our biology. More and more. 
Riding the waves of change - together. Never alone, never seperated from one another. 
Family in the same boat of life.

Photo nr. 6 
A naked pose from actress in the film "renoir" Beautiful portrait of the artist's life. 
Worth watching, just for the inspiration of the gorgeous french nature.

lørdag den 25. juli 2015

In the beginning there was the word...

With all of my fears here I am, writing with trembling hands!

I'm writing now because I recently understood that this seed is deeply resting in the soil of my heart. Slowly sprouting... First of all it's a longing, a vision, a dream.

Just the dream by itself. The fleeting sensation of how it could be feels like lavender to my entire being.
This is a vision in proggress.
I have no confined idea of how this could come into manifestation. But...

I wish to start a community. 

In nature, with natural round buildings,
Music, dance, fire, soul connection, deep silence, intermixed multitraditional sharing of wisdom and ways of living., respect and nurture of all lifeforms, meditation - and the circle gathering.

Like so many brave souls before me, I will dare to dream, and nurture this idea.

This will be a site for me to share my thoughts, inspirations and feelings about this dream. And the why's, how's and when's.
I'm sharing this blog because I'm counting on you, brothers and sisters to create with me. Let's find each other somehow and take responsibility for bringing in this new paradigm, and support each other. This is why I love the internet.

Even if you don't feel called to participate, you will maybe feel inspired to share your thoughts, experiences or just cheer me on :-)

Why am I doing this now?

I hear the drums calling me home to my natural alertness to life.
I feel that every day is a lifetime, to be siezed and enjoyed. I feel an ancient response deep in the makeup of my being, motivating me to give something to the human family. I was gifted this body twenty years ago and in the course of this body's lifespan I will practise the acceptance of the physical limits this brings. I chose to believe in the infinite magic of my mind. Exploring the powers of visualisation. I feel a quiet voice of natural responsability giving me the wisdom and courage to carry out my dreams.
One of these dreams is - the family - a family community where we can be natural with one another. Where the intention is to practise clear communication and radical honesty. A space where we commit to deep listening to the songs of our individual souls, aswell as our unified heart. 
A physically beautiful resting place where we can colorfully decorate and shape houses in organic, round structures. A space where the individual brings their gifts and helps with the tasks at hand. A space that promotes ideal wellbeing, healthy diet, homegrown food and longevity.
A space where there the intention is to limit wasted food, clothes and other materials provided by the earth for us to use. A space that will be connected to simular communties worldwide for the expansion of our connectedness.
A space that invites medicine like different wisdom schools, ayahuasca medicine, sweatlodges, breathwork, yoga, silence, tantra teachings.
A space where all living creatures and elements are carefully respected and valued. A nonviolent space that seeks to heal the need for drugs, alcohol and other subtances that distances us from life. A space where we hold the energy, nurture our family bond by creating gatherings where we will meet, sit in silence, be naked, share wisdom, sing, dance, cry, scream, meditate, pray for the earth, create, paint, breathe, expand, celebrate, share and shead the layers of fear, play, and - heal. 

Welcome to my dream.

Lot's of love from me