onsdag den 29. juli 2015

Community inspiration!

photo nr. 1:
Picture from a rainbow gathering. found on google.

photo nr. 2:
Photo of me,  15 years old, infront of a bonfire, 6 years ago in 2009. 
Here I was living/studying at an independent innermission-christian boarding-school in denmark " Söndbjerg Efterskole" ( Soendbjerg Afterschool - directly translated). It was a HUGE blessing and very challenge to be in a dogmatic religious environment. I got closer to spirit, and closer to my own personal truth about life, spirituality, ritual, sexuality. Here bible readings and prayer was a daily routine. Every morning for an hour we listened to the word of the new testament. 
This was a place of deep reflection for me. Existential crisis (like the age might also imply) The picture is a great representation of that year of my life.
I found a tremendous silence and peace in that place. Closing out the voices of others wanting me to believe their truths. Learning about empathy and listening to other people's lifeshaping ideas about what reality is, and how life is supposed to be lived. A deep practise in rebellion, tolerance and allowance of other brothers and sisters diversity. 

photo nr. 5:
One of my favorite artists Sowa made this painting.
I have the association of Noah's ark.
Sailing the seas of the storm, this intense transition and integration of spirit into our biology. More and more. 
Riding the waves of change - together. Never alone, never seperated from one another. 
Family in the same boat of life.

Photo nr. 6 
A naked pose from actress in the film "renoir" Beautiful portrait of the artist's life. 
Worth watching, just for the inspiration of the gorgeous french nature.

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