onsdag den 29. juli 2015

Pyrenees - Spain

Today during a women's circle, the space-holder Mahima came over to me when the circle gathering was finished and me with 2 other girls where lying in each others arms cuddling, after intense crying and healing.
She said how I reminded her of when she was driving through the Pyrenees and the rocks where shaped like a woman with her arms wide open, hair spread out... boobs :-) This stayed with me...

Now, the day before this happend, me and my friend had been talking about a location for a community. Ideally. And the Pyrenees came up. She talked about how she recieved her new name in a ritual there, and how it was a powerfully charged place.

For 2 years I have been called to do the Camino de Santiago.
This will be my first hands on experience with the soil and spirit of the Pyrenees. I'm looking forward to greeting her-him.

I'm wondering if the universe is pinpointing me.

It sure is beautiful piece of earth. Googling pictures. I might put some up - later.

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