lørdag den 25. juli 2015

In the beginning there was the word...

With all of my fears here I am, writing with trembling hands!

I'm writing now because I recently understood that this seed is deeply resting in the soil of my heart. Slowly sprouting... First of all it's a longing, a vision, a dream.

Just the dream by itself. The fleeting sensation of how it could be feels like lavender to my entire being.
This is a vision in proggress.
I have no confined idea of how this could come into manifestation. But...

I wish to start a community. 

In nature, with natural round buildings,
Music, dance, fire, soul connection, deep silence, intermixed multitraditional sharing of wisdom and ways of living., respect and nurture of all lifeforms, meditation - and the circle gathering.

Like so many brave souls before me, I will dare to dream, and nurture this idea.

This will be a site for me to share my thoughts, inspirations and feelings about this dream. And the why's, how's and when's.
I'm sharing this blog because I'm counting on you, brothers and sisters to create with me. Let's find each other somehow and take responsibility for bringing in this new paradigm, and support each other. This is why I love the internet.

Even if you don't feel called to participate, you will maybe feel inspired to share your thoughts, experiences or just cheer me on :-)

Why am I doing this now?

I hear the drums calling me home to my natural alertness to life.
I feel that every day is a lifetime, to be siezed and enjoyed. I feel an ancient response deep in the makeup of my being, motivating me to give something to the human family. I was gifted this body twenty years ago and in the course of this body's lifespan I will practise the acceptance of the physical limits this brings. I chose to believe in the infinite magic of my mind. Exploring the powers of visualisation. I feel a quiet voice of natural responsability giving me the wisdom and courage to carry out my dreams.
One of these dreams is - the family - a family community where we can be natural with one another. Where the intention is to practise clear communication and radical honesty. A space where we commit to deep listening to the songs of our individual souls, aswell as our unified heart. 
A physically beautiful resting place where we can colorfully decorate and shape houses in organic, round structures. A space where the individual brings their gifts and helps with the tasks at hand. A space that promotes ideal wellbeing, healthy diet, homegrown food and longevity.
A space where there the intention is to limit wasted food, clothes and other materials provided by the earth for us to use. A space that will be connected to simular communties worldwide for the expansion of our connectedness.
A space that invites medicine like different wisdom schools, ayahuasca medicine, sweatlodges, breathwork, yoga, silence, tantra teachings.
A space where all living creatures and elements are carefully respected and valued. A nonviolent space that seeks to heal the need for drugs, alcohol and other subtances that distances us from life. A space where we hold the energy, nurture our family bond by creating gatherings where we will meet, sit in silence, be naked, share wisdom, sing, dance, cry, scream, meditate, pray for the earth, create, paint, breathe, expand, celebrate, share and shead the layers of fear, play, and - heal. 

Welcome to my dream.

Lot's of love from me

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